The Zeno Karl Schindler Prize for Research in German Literature rewards young researchers mainly from Switzerland who have contributed an outstanding achievement in the field of Research in German Literature or its rendition. The goal of the award is to encourage such young researchers in persisting to dedicate their time to research work; to this end, the recipient is awarded a prize sum of ten thousand (10,000) Swiss francs.

In addition, the ZKS-Foundation can in some instances decide to honor extraordinary personalities in the field of German Literature Studies for their life's work or exceptional merits benefiting the entire research community.



Every two of three years the jury selects achievements in the field of the Medieval Germanistics and, every third year a contribution to Research in Modern German Literature is singled out. The ZKS-Prize is officially awarded at a ceremony every year at the annual convention and meeting of the members of the Swiss Academic Association of Germanists (SAGG), a subsidiary of the Swiss Academy of Philosophical and Social Sciences.


  • The announcement appears in the Spring bulletin of the Swiss Academic Society of Germanistics (SAGG), on whose web site www.sagg.ch you can find  a down-loadable bulletin under www.sagg.ch/bulletin.html; this can also be found in a circular letter to all Swiss Institutes of Germanistics.
  • Candidacies are by nomination from members of Germanistic Universities of Switzerland (who have at least attained a PhD), together with a justifying summary and an evaluation concerning the research work to be awarded. In addition a curriculum vitae and a listing of the candidates’ publications must be joined.
  • Application period: March 15 of every year (see below for further details).
  • The attribution of the prize takes place at the SAGG annual meeting.
  • The prize winner introduces him/herself and his/her work in a lecture to the audience.

Concerned research fields: 2009: Medieval Germanistics, 2010: Modern German literature.

2011 and 2012: Medieval Germanistics.

Applications to: Professor Dr. René Wetzel, Département de Langue et de Littérature allemandes, Université de Genève, UNI BASTIONS, 1211 Genève 4. Email: Rene.Wetzel@unige.ch.


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